Been here twice. Never coming back

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The first time i went to Custom Cutz I booked an appointment with Petru. He was very friendly and courteous. However I came to get a skin faded side pompadour. Instead I was given a complete undercut, the top of my hair was cut under 2 inches so I couldn’t do anything but flop my hair down so I didn’t look like a troll doll. Thoroughly unimpressed.

The second time, I booked an appointment with Bucky. When I showed up Bucky acted like he had no idea that he had an appointment with me until he pulled out his phone and saw for himself that he had set this appointment with me. Not only did Bucky completely forget my appointment, but instead of fitting me in, he passed me to someone else who not only cut my hair completely unlike the picture I brought in, but lined up my beard so crooked that I was told it looks like my beard was “melting on one side”. What a waste of my time and money.

In summary, I have had the worst cuts of my life here; I have no respect for Bucky; I am definitely telling everyone I know who needs a good barber that Custom Cutz is not the place for them.

If I don’t see this testimonial on your site, you best believe I will post it on every reviewer I can find.