Kevin nelson

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I’m sorry u had a bad experience at Custom Cutz barbershop I’m sorry that u had 2 Cutz u were not happy with because here at custom Cutz we do try are best to make sure every customer gets the cut they want.
Now in regards to respecting Bucky that is your opinion I’ve been working with Bucky for years and all I’ve seen him do is try he’s best to accommodate all the customers that walk in the door, Bucky is a honest, fair an a great business partner and if u read 50 of he’s reviews u would see alot of people feel the same way.
I’m 100% sure if u told Bucky how u fell he would make sure 100% u were satisfied wen u walked out the door.
Like the boss always says u can’t please everyone but as long as u try your best your good.
Again sorry for your experience at custom Cutz but next time if u choose to return show Bucky a picture of the cut u want an he will direct u to the appropriate Barber.