It’s safe to say that the quarantine has been tough on all of us; asides from drastic changes to our social lives, many people find themselves neglecting self-care and personal hygiene. Not only do routine activities such as going to the gym and taking care of our bodies become difficult, but the lack of social outings has caused us to care less about how we present ourselves since we are hardly exposing ourselves to the public eye. What many forget is that LOOKING GOOD equates to FEELING GOOD, and here at Custom Cutz we want to make sure you still have access to a professional barbershop that will have you feeling fresh and confident, despite concerns surrounding COVID-19. How are we going to do this? Custom Cutz remains dedicated to the frequent sanitization of barber tools, denial of cash payments, maintenance of a clear and disinfected workspace (we will disinfect thoroughly after each cut and have extended appointment durations accordingly) and general safe practices that align with the public health guidelines that have been set in place. We want to make sure that this quarantine does not stop you from being your old self, and we strive to keep you looking and feeling as fresh as possible. While many resort to buzzing their heads to combat the warming weather and humidity, we refuse to let COVID-19 keep you from looking the way YOU want.

We will inform everyone when we re open please stay home stay safe and stay tune we’ve got a lot more coming. CC