About Us

Diversity Statement

Here at Custom Cutz, we take pride in our commitment to upholding the values of equality and strive to maintain a warm, welcoming atmosphere across all our shop locations. While the primary goals of many actors in the industry revolve around maximizing profit and seizing opportunities for profit as they arise, at Custom Cutz we refuse to place the pursuit of profit ahead of our core values. We refuse to fall under the classification of a “black” or “white” barbershop; all of our artists are trained to work with hair archetypes of all ethnicities and we refuse to contribute to the segregation that continues to plague our communities even today. Our commitment to diversity is further reflected through the various non-profit initiatives that Custom Cutz and its Artist have aligned themselves with over the years. From our annual involvement in Goodlife Fitness’ Spin4Kids, to frequent donations from our Artist and given to initiatives supporting Autism awareness and racial equality in Canada, Custom Cutz and its Artist have proven time and time again that their passions run deep and they are willing to place community interests ahead of financial ones. Additionally, Custom Cutz maintains strong community relationships, continuing to both employ and serve an immensely diverse workforce and consumer-base. Custom Cutz does not take its commitment to diversity lightly, and is actively working to maintain and uphold the values of diversity and equality on a daily basis.


Mission Statement

Custom Cutz seeks to provide all Canadians with access to an affordable and welcoming barbershop experience. We seek to provide the diverse Canadian population with specialized haircare services specific to the composition of their hair. Our Artist are trained to handle all types of hair, we seek to break the stigma that separates the people and take pride in the maintenance of a diverse atmosphere open and accepting of all. Our inspiration is to one day provide citizens all across Canada with access to our community; Custom Cutz is more than just a barbershop, it’s a rapidly growing family that collectively works to improve communities all across Canada via extensive involvement in community-based non-profit initiatives. Custom Cutz seeks to redefine the role that barbershops, and small businesses play in serving communities as a responsible corporate citizen.