Is there really a difference between a $20 haircut and a $40 haircut? First off, it is important to understand that price is solely up to the Barber’s discretion; a novice barber can choose to charge $60 for a haircut and an experienced barber can choose to charge $20, it is important to ask around and make sure that you’re getting a good value for what you are paying for. One thing that can be reduced to a dollar value, however, is the range of services being offered. Often times a $40 haircut will include a shampoo, straight-razor shave, a potential beard lineup among other things while $20 may just get you the cut alone. Your decision to pay for a hair cut ultimately boils down to the look you want to achieve; for a buzzcut or easy to achieve look a consistent $10 haircut is reasonable, whereas a fade and lineup is likely to cost more as it takes more time and skill to achieve the look you want. From the barber’s perspective, a $10 cut is only worth offering if he/she can tend to 3 or more clients each hour. On the contrary, a barber offering a $40 cut can spend as long as an hour cutting a clients hair and still be profitable. What remains the most important thing, however, is that you find a barber who satisfies your needs and stick with them as your primary stylist; a consistent barber will never disappoint you